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George Petitpas Memorial Award

The WFPMA Award "George Petitpas" (formerly Georges Petitpas Memorial Award) was established by the World Federation of People Management Associations in the mid 1980s to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advance of the HR profession at the international level and whose spirit and dedication have been inspirational to others.  In particular it recognizes individuals who have made exemplary contributions to international level and whose spirit and dedicaton have been inspirational to others.

The award is named after George Petitpas, who was nominated as president of the WFPMA in 1983, but passed away before taking office.

The Award is presented as appropriate, at the WFPMA World Congress on People Management held every two years in different locations around the world.  The award recipient is the guest of the World Federation of People Management Associations at that event.


2016 WFPMA Award ‘Georges Petitpas’

The 16th WFPMA Award “Georges Petitpas” honored Wayne F. Cascio, the Robert H. Reynolds chair in global leadership, professor of management at the University of Colorado, Denver. The award is given biennially to an individual who embodies the spirit of, and dedication to, the HR management profession at a global level and whose spirit and dedication has been an inspiration to others. “As I reflect back on my career, receiving an award like this was the farthest thing from my mind when I started out as a 26-year-old assistant professor,” Cascio said when he accepted the award. “I was just happy to have landed an academic job!”
Cascio recounted the story of how he got his first book, Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management, published in 1978. “I began writing it in 1973, long before personal computers and word processors were available,” he said. “I wrote in longhand on yellow A-4 paper. I had so little money at the time that I bought a second-hand couch and an ironing board at a thrift store, so I could spread out all of my journals and source materials around me as I wrote.” That book sold 40,000 copies in its first edition, and Cascio is now writing the eighth edition. “It sold in business schools, in psychology departments, in schools of public administration, in schools of criminal justice and in nursing schools,” he said, noting
it also has been translated into many languages. “I’m proud that you believe my spirit and dedication have inspired others,” Cascio said. “In fact, however, we are all engaged in a noble pursuit: to improve the opportunities and work lives of people everywhere through the HR profession. All of us can and
should take great pride in what we do.”
by Hank Jackson, President and CEO - SHRM.