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Press Release:
Lynda Gratton (UK) receives the 2014 WFPMA Award `Georges Petitpas’

The World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) has granted the 2014 version of its very prestigious WFPMA Award ‘Georges Petitpas’ to Dr. Lynda Gratton, Ph.D., professor of Management Practice, Advanced Institute of Management Research, London Business School, for her excellent contribution as a global HR leader to help advance the people management profession.

The Georges Petitpas Award was established by the WFPMA to recognize people who have made an outstanding contribution to the profession and the practice of human resources management around the world.

The award is given to individuals whose expertise is recognized beyond their local and national communities and whose work and personal and professional leadership provide models for others and standards for the profession.

Among some of the 14 prominent professionals that have received this important award in the past are Professor Dave Ulrich (USA) and Dr. Juan Somavia (Chile), former director general of ILO.

The election of Gratton for this award was approved by the World Federation board based on the recommendation made by a selection committee chaired by Immediate Past President Horacio Quiros (Argentina) and integrated by the presidents of the five continental federations members that make up the WFPMA. This jury was challenged to select by consensus one among five outstanding nominees.

In 2008, the Financial Times described Gratton as the business thinker most likely to make a real difference over the next decade. In 2011 she was ranked by The Times as one of the top 15 business thinkers in the world today. And a survey conducted in 2011 by the UK magazine HR placed her as number one among the 25 most influential thinkers of human resources in the UK.

Unfortunately, due to her tight schedule, Gratton was not able to attend the WFPMA World Congress held in Santiago, Chile, to receive her prize there. WFPMA President Pieter Haen (The Netherlands) kindly travelled to the city of London to present her the Petitpas Award.

“I’m very honored to hand this award to you, and I wish you many years of inspiring leadership for the global HR community,” Haen said.

While receiving the award, Gratton replied: “Thank you so much, it’s the most marvelous thing. I’ve been a professional for many years in the HR department, HR function and HR world and it is a huge honor for me to be given this award. I very much appreciate it, particularly in view of the long list of people who have had it in the past. I feel very proud to be standing as number 15.”

“I believe people are at the very heart of our organizations and I’m very proud to be in a profession that supports them”, Gratton concluded.

A formal announcement of the winner of the WFPMA Award and the projection of a video of the prize being presented in London were part of the agenda of the World Congress in Chile. A loud round of applause in recognition of Gratton closed this ceremony.